The beginning...

The dream of being in business for ourselves is one of the first dreams that Suzy and I had together.  It has taken on various forms throughout our lives and this new business venture is it's latest manifestation.  Suzy and I have always worked in the corporate world but we have always wanted to own our own business.  A business that serves our community in which we live and provides value to those around us. So we have been looking and waiting patiently for the opportunity to start our own business. Enlighten Float is a manifestation of that desire, that dream that we have carried with us all these years.

In December 2015, I was visiting my brother when my sister-in-law showed me a video of Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes of the Golden State Warriors floating at Reboot Float Spa in San Francisco. The video was so interesting that I booked an appointment for Suzy to try it during our Christmas vacation.  While we were there, they had a last minute cancellation so I was able to book a float appointment for myself a few days later.

My first experience in the float tank was amazing.  I didn't know what to expect so I came in not having any real expectations as to what the experience was going to be like.  For me, the experience was incredible and deeply stirring.  There were points where I was laughing and crying while I floated in the dark.  Emotions that I had not felt in a long time rose to the surface and I relived some very personal and powerful moments in my life.

As I walked around the streets of San Francisco after my first float, I came to realize that floating needed to be a part of our lives and sharing this unique experience would be the start of a beautiful business venture for Suzy and I.