At Enlighten Float, you will have access to one of the latest and best designed floatation tanks on the market today. Our center exclusively uses the Dream Pod.  The Dream Pods come equipped with three distinct features to maintain the hygiene of the water.  

First, the water and Epsom Salt solution is pumped approximately four times through a 10 micron filter, capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the diameter of a human hair before each guest uses the Dream Pod. While the solution is being filtered it also passes by a UV light, destroying any micro-organisms that survive the extreme salt content of the solution and is also conditioned and oxidized with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (H202).  

This three part system ensures that the solution is completely clean and of the highest quality for our guests to use. Learn more about how our pod maintenance meets and exceeds the Float Tank Association guidelines.

Float tank water is cleaner, in fact, than most swimming pools or hot tubs because only one person uses them at a time, and they aren’t sweating or wearing sunblock and also are required to shower before getting in. Additionally, we take keeping our water clean very seriously. The water in our pods is completely filtered through our high-tech filtration system through a 10 micron filter and we have the added benefits of UV light and hydrogen peroxide which sanitizes the water between each float and all through the night.

Our tanks have 1000+ lbs of Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) in 10 inches of water.  This brings our ‘salt’ concentration to nearly 35%.  The effects of high levels of this ‘salt’ for sanitation have been known for hundreds of years.

Dr. Oscar Pancorbo, a microbiologist and Director of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) addressed the issue of microorganism viability in high salt environments.  He says, "no pathogenic organisms can survive salt concentrations above approximately 10 percent".  Our tank concentration exceeds this 3 times over!

According to Dr. David K. Ryan, Professor of Chemistry at University of MA, "The only organisms that could possibly live in this environment are halophylic or halotolerant bacteria that have adapted to high salt concentrations and are found in the environment at places like the Great Salt Lake or the Dead Sea.  These organisms are not pathogenic and do not pose a threat to humans."

 In addition to the natural cleansing properties of Epsom salt, we also have a pool filter system that uses a 10 micron bag filter.

All the water in the tank is circulated multiple times between every user to pull out any organic impurities in the water.  A 35% solution of  food grade hydrogen peroxide (h202) to help break down the organic matter so the filters do an even better job of keeping the water sparkling clean.

We also have a UV filter system. While this is considered overkill by those who measure sanitation,  we have it as an extra precaution required to ensure that all bacteria is eliminated.

The Dream Pod is designed for comfort and quality to provide our customers with one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating float experiences available in San Ramon, CA and the surrounding areas.