About Us

Mel and Suzy Satuito are long time Bay Area residents who live in San Ramon with their two beautiful children.  They are excited to bring the benefits of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or R.E.S.T to their Tri-Valley community. After watching an ESPN video on Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes floating in San Francisco, Mel and Suzy were curious to see the benefits of floating for themselves. After their first visit they realized the tremendous benefits that this unique therapy provides for today's modern life.

Their excitement and enthusiasm led them to start Enlighten Float with the intention of helping thousands of people in their community reduce stress and restore balance in their lives. Their goal is serve their community by providing a safe, clean and peaceful space for their friends and neighbors to discover for themselves the wonderful benefits of a floating practice.

Our Mission

To provide a clean, safe and supportive environment for our customers to enjoy the benefits of floatation therapy.

He who knows himself is enlightened.
— Lao Tzu