What To Expect 

Try to book your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to allow for some planning and preparation.


If this is your first time to experience float therapy, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to check in, sign our new customer waiver and view a short video. Next we ask you to change into our Pali slippers to keep your shoes dry and also help us keep the outside dirt into the float rooms. We'll show you our facility, give you an intro in your float room, and answer any questions you may have.


Get your mind and body ready. Here are a few pointers to help you get the most from your session. 

  • Avoid consuming caffeine several hours before your float - you want to be in a calm and relaxed state.
  • Eat a light meal about an hour before your session - you don't want to be too full or have an empty stomach, this can be distracting and create slight nausea in some.
  • Avoid shaving before your appointment - freshly shaved skin can become irritated by the Epsom salt for some people, best to avoid shaving on the day of your appointment.
  • Avoid coloring or perming your hair - if hair is colored, please wait at least 10-14 days before your float or shampoo your hair at least 5 times before you float, the water may alter your hair treatment and can stain or damage our pods (those with red hair dyes, we require you wait at least 30 days AND wear a tight swim cap, you provide). Red hair dyes can leach out for many weeks, if your hair is dyed bright colors and stains the water, you'll be responsible for the charge as noted below.
  • Use the restroom before starting your float session to avoid having to get out of the pod during your float.
  • Do Not add bath oils, salts, or any other products of your own to the pod. If a guest contaminates the pod solution, they will be required to pay the cost of clean up and refilling the pool with Epsom salts. ($800.00 charge, cost of the 1,000 lbs of Epsom salts).


It's time to float!

  1. First, put in the earplugs (optional) provided and then take a quick and thorough pre-float shower to remove body oils, make-up, and other products that could affect water quality. We suggest you take a cool to luke warm shower pre-float shower as not to raise your body temperature before getting into the pod. 
  2. Remove contact lenses (if applicable) and cover any cuts on your skin with the petroleum jelly provided.
  3. Slowly step into the float tank/pod and gently close the lid. This will keep the heat in but you can leave it ajar. You have full control of your environment.
  4. Music will play for the first 10 minutes of your float. Green button is to turn off the light. Red button is the to ask for assistance if necessary.
  5. Gently lay back, fully relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles. Avoid splashing and making sudden movements, getting salt in your eyes or nose is uncomfortable.
  6. FLOAT - relax and focus on your breath, counting your breaths can help.
  7. With 5 minutes remaining in the session, music will come on to ease you out of your float, this is the time to stretch and slowly come out of your float. The pump will turn on soon thereafter, this is the last call to slowly lift the lid and step out of the pod.
  8. Take a post-float shower to wash the Epsom salts off your body.
  9. Get dressed and relax a bit in our reception area and bask in your float before you go.

Like with any practice, the more you float, the better results you will have. Experienced floaters recommend at least three floats to get the full benefits of floatation therapy. Please let us know how we can make your experience better. 

Thank you for visiting Enlighten Float!